How to Show "This PC" Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

Learn How to Show/Display "This PC" Icon on Desktop in Microsoft Windows 10. I'm posting article after a large gap. Now Windows 10 is in the market and is different from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Along with many flaws there are many new feature in Windows 10 like Cortana. So keeping in mind difficulties users will see, here is a tutorial about showing This My Computer icon on Desktop.

Windows 10 stable version is still under process and this is beta version. Millions of people are now upgraded their operating systems to Windows 10. Along with enjoying new features they are facing some problems also. So today I'm writing step by step method to display This PC icon on Windows 10 desktop. Without wasting our time, below is the Video Tutorial from series Tuts With Ghani started by Muhammad Usman Ghani. Hope you will enjoy.

How to Display This PC Icon on Windows 10 Desktop


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Above tutorial is about showing or hiding This PC on Windows 10 Desktop. Hope you will like. Tuts With Ghani is YouTube Channel with a series of Tutorials like this. Subscribe it on YouTube, Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter to get latest tips and tricks. Stay Blessed and Happy!
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