How to Change "Screen Resolution" in Windows 10

Learn How to change your Screen Resolution in Windows 10 easily. As everyone who uses the computer should know Screen Resolution refers to the clarity and sharpness of text or images displayed on the screen. The more you have screen resolution, the more you will see sharper and clear things being displayed on your Windows Screen.

In Old days, in CRT Monitors Screen resolutions are not more than 1024x768 but In now a days, with the revolution of technology, LCD's and LED Screens can display much higher resolution with more clarity. With the launch of Windows 10, I've decided to provide step by step tutorial to change screen resolution in Microsoft Windows 10. Below is the Video tutorial by Tuts With Ghani that will describe each and every step properly.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 10



In above paragraphs I've provided step by step detail to change Screen Resolution Size in Windows 10. Hope this will help you. Tuts With Ghani is YouTube Channel with a series of Tutorials like this. Subscribe it on YouTube, Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter to get latest tips and tricks. Stay Blessed and Happy!
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