How to Change User Account Image in Windows 10

Learn How to change your user Account's Picture or Photo on Windows 10 easily. In this tutorial you will find step by step method about changing Account Image in Microsoft Windows 10. Unlike Windows 8 or Windows 7 there is little bit different method to apply your custom photo as account picture. But you can change boring default Windows photo with a new one.

Every user wants to make his computer looks his own. So you can use your own Image to make it looks real. You can use any photo regardless of size or quality, Windows automatically adjusts it to fit in the circle. You can use any already captured photo of you from your hard drive or you can capture instantly using your webcam. So without wasting our time, lets come to the tutorial. Below is the video tutorial by Tuts With Ghani, in which each and every step is taught properly.

How to Change Account's Picture in Microsoft Windows 10


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We've tried my best to explain each and every step properly. Hope you will understand. Still if you have any query you can comment below. We will reply your query ASAP. Don't forget to like Tuts With Ghani page on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Subscribe on YouTube. Stay Blessed.
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