How to Verify Youtube Account | Complete Guide

Learn How to Verify Youtube Account by step by step guide. By this you can make your YouTube Account verified and can upload videos greater than 15 minutes along with High Definition (HD). Youtube is top video streaming website now a days where you can watch any of your wanted video easily. This is totally free and have billions of videos and have millions of channels where people upload their videos.

Verifying YouTube Account is much necessary to grow your online business and also to make your YouTube channel looks more professional. Unverified YouTube channels have many limitations like they can only upload videos up to 15 minutes along with they cannot upload High Definition(HD) videos. When you verify youtube account a verified badge is added to your channel which makes your channel look more professional and attract your visitors. So if you want to make a verified youtube account and finding a solution? Here is a tutorial where I have wrote step by step process to make your youtube account verified. So without wasting our valuable time, Let's start the tutorial.

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Steps to Verify Youtube Account

  • First of all you need a mobile phone with active phone number.
  • Then open web browser and login to your YouTube Account and go to the Youtube Verification page.
  • After that, enter your mobile phone number in the given box.
  • Now select the Country and then select the method by which you want to receive code on your mobile phone.
  • Then enter the verification in account verification box which you receive on your mobile phone.
  • Thats all! Now you will see a Verified badge on your Youtube channel and your account will be verified and upgraded.
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Ending Words

I have wrote a complete step by step guide that how to verify Youtube account by using your mobile phone. I hope after reading this tutorial you will easily make your Youtube account verified. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to comment below. We will try our best resolve your issue. Stay Blessed.

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