Chakka Maar Jeet Le | Tum Ho Sooper Se Ooper | Cricket World Cup 2015

Here you can listen and download Chakka Maar Jeet Le Choka Maar Jeet Le or Tum Ho Sooper Se Ooper by many pakistani singers sung for Cricket World Cup 2015. It includes Cricket World Cup 2015 Official Song Video Download. HD Pakistani Song Free Download. It includes many Pakistani Singers. A lot of pakistani Singers sung this song.

Singers: Arif Lohar, Humera Arshad, Malkoo, Nadeem Abbas, Saira Naseem, Shabnam Majeed, Akram Rahi, Sara Raza, Javed Bashir, Sajjad Haider, Ahmed Butt, Farah Anwer
Artists: Iftikhar thakur, Noor, Arbaz, Khushboo, Sakhawat Naz, Sheen, Nawaz Anjum, Sobia Khan
Crickters: Saleem Malik, Azhar Ali

Chakka Maar Jeet Le Choka Maar Jeet Le



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