[USB as RAM] How to Make USB as RAM | Full Tutorial

Learn How to Make USB as RAM with this video tutorial. This will make your PC fast with usb mass storage device or flash pendrive as ram. This will use your memoria usb. RAM or random access memory is the very center segment of your our computer in light of the fact that all the operations we perform are incidentally put away and run in this memory because of its rapid.

So more prominent the measure of RAM in your framework it will perform speedier. Not at all like hard-disk you can't store information forever in it our home machines have constantly less measure of RAM because of its high cost. In any case today we will let you know how you can utilize your customary USB pen drive and use it with a specific end goal to expand your machine random access memory.

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1
USB: 4GB or above



Plugin in the 4GB or more space USB Disk Drive into your computer and go to My Computer. Presently Right click on your USB Drive and click on ReadyBoost tab.
As should be obvious in the picture over that you need to pick the alternative that the amount of memory you need to distribute for windows framework. Select the greatest sum, click on Apply catch and then on OK button.

Every time you plug-inn this USB drive into your system it will show you option like mention in the photo above. Just select the “Speed up my System” option and you are done.

Final Words: Friends today I have shared a complete video and picture tutorial that How to use USB Flash Drive as your Computer's RAM. This works for me and I am sure this will work for you. If you have any query related to this, feel free to comment below. You can also join us on Facebook.

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