[2015] How to See Facebook Profile Picture Full Size

Learn How to See Facebook Profile Picture Full Size by latest Trick of 2015. By this you can see hidden Facebook pictures of your friends. How to view locked Facebook profile picture in the full size.Facebook secrecy is a great problematic, no doubt Facebook is undertaking enormous hard work in providing top privacy as far as they can. But some of the little bit bugs and other privacy issues always remains same. Facebook has no approaches to make them secure only on the grounds that these bugs can be straight forwardly available for database. A few bugs are likewise show which can't be altered from colossal time much the same as of Making Single Name Account. Which I posted around few years prior and till now it is working fine.

So Today I am going to talk about an alternate stunning Facebook Trick identified with Profile Picture and by utilizing this deceive you can without much of a hard work open a hidden profile picture with straight forward and simple way. Really this not a hack or even you are not breaking any sort of Privacy. In this technique you are specifically rolling out a few improvements which helps you to get to that profile image which is exhibit in Database in real size. I effectively uncover immense number Facebook traps and exercise on the off chance that you intrigued then must look at them here All Facebook Tips, Tricks and Tutorial.


Steps to See Facebook Profile Picture Full Size

  • Open the profile you want full sized profile picture of in your browser.
  • Get the Username of the profile which is usually in the profile URL.
  • For example we are taking profile URL of ItsGhani user :
  • So the username here will be ‘ItsGhani
  • Then copy the USERNAME (e.g ItsGhani)

  • Paste the following code in New Tab in address bar.

  • Now replace USERNAME with your target username (e.g ItsGhani) and press Enter. Then it looks like the link written below.

  • Enjoy your full sized private profile picture

Editors Corner: You will get the Locked Facebook Profile Picture in the Full Size. Enjoy the trick and share it with your friends. I have tried this trick as you can see in the video tutorial given above. I hope you like this trick and if you enjoy this trick don't forget to share it with others. For any kind help regarding to post must leave your comment.

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Sohail Khan
22 June 2015 at 06:03 delete

Nice Work Bro
kiya hidden friendlist chek karne ka bhi koi trick hai ????

26 June 2015 at 22:37 delete

Sorry Bro there is no way to check friend list


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