How to Improve WiFi Signal Range - Full Tutorial

Learn How to Improve Your WiFi Signal Range of your Router. Full Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi. Improving or Boosting WiFi Router Signal Range of your Internet.. Some of the time you utilize an old modem and it shows an exceptionally powerless WiFi signal, or possibly you are sitting far from the switch and the WiFi sign is just about inaccessible. You can supplant your old switch with another costly one, however How about testing this trap before disposing of your old modem? I'm demonstrating to you an approach to help and expand your switch's Wi-Fi Signal Range utilizing a Beer or Coke can.

Steps to Improve WiFi Signal Range

There are simple and easy steps to boost up or improve WiFi signal range. Just follow these steps and enjoy.

1) Get a Beer or Coke can that you have used in the past, empty it and clean it well with water.

2) Dry it well after cleaning it with water, then remove the sticky Pull tab from the can.

3) Using a knife or a scissor, Cut the bottom of the can and carefully following the Red line like below.

4) Following the red line but leaving a little bit of metal to make the upper side attached to the can, the little part of metal is represented by the White line

5) Vertically cut down the opposite side of the bottle until you reach the upper side that we cut previously. Follow the Red Line like below.

6) Now open the can carefully and shape it roundly to look like an antenna or radar. Use a soft glue or tack  to attach the radar antenna to your Modem device.

7) Done! This will certainly boost up your Modem WiFi strength for better connection signal. Remember to change the direction of the Radar Antenna can to where your Laptop is located to improve the signal range more and make the connection more effective.

Final Words: This is 100% working and best tutorial. Try this at your home and I'm sure it works and helps you to Improve WiFi Signal Range. If you face any problem feel free to comment below. Stay blessed and Happy Blogging.
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