How to Download Android Apps From Google Play to PC

Google Play Store is the biggest Android market in the world. Daily thousands of people search for How to Download Apps from Google Play to PC. Android Market (Now, Google Play) has plenty of Applications both Paid and Free which add Fun and Simplicity to your Android experience. However, downloading Applications on Phone can be a real trouble, specially if you have a slow data connection. Learn How to Download Apps from Google Play on Computer. This is very easy trick and download Android Application in APK form. So today my article is about How to Download Apps From Google Play to PC.

How to Download Apps from Google Play on PC

Downloading Google Play Store Apps on Computer is not a big issue now. You can easily download Apps in APK form and can save them on PC. Just follow these simple steps to download apps.



STEP-1: First of all go to, and select the App which you want to download.

STEP-2: Copy the URL of that App. (See screenshot for more info)

STEP-3: Then go to, and Paste the copied URL in Google Play URL box.

STEP-4: After that click on blue Generate Download Link button and wait fro a moment until it generates download link.

STEP-5: Then click on green Download button to download app in APK form.

Author Review: Today I wrote article about How to Download Apps from Google Play Store to PC. I tried my best to explain this article but still if you have any problem in this process, feel free to comment below. your comment will be appreciated and replied as soon as possible. Happy Blogging.

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