How to Easily Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

How to Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once is one of the main query searched by big Facebook users. Now there is trick by which Facebook users can easily accept all Facebook friend requests automatically at once without a single click. This is Script written in JavaScript. It works smoothly. If you are getting 50 to 100 Facebook friend Requests daily then you are now fed up from accepting friend requests. 

According to a recent survey, people are excited when they receive new friend requests, especially from the opposite sex. As we all know that Facebook not allow us to accept all friends requests at once. If you are looking for such a trick by which you can accept all Facebook Friend Request in one click. So here is trick.

How to Accept  Facebook Friend Requests Automatically

There are simple and easy steps, just follow these steps to accept all Facebook friend requests automatically.
  • First of all Login to your Facebook account.
  • Now to go to Facebook Pending Requests page (Link: You will see all Facebook friend requests here.
  • If you have lot of friend requests may you see in pending requests page see more option click on see more for open other friend requests. May you do this two or three times. See more option   look like to below image.
  • If you also see on Facebook pending requests page see hidden Requests then click on it for see hidden requests.See hidden requests option look like to below image.

  • After complete all first 4 steps. Open Console box.
  • For Google Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+J or F12 or right click on window and go to inspect element and click on console.
  • In Mozilla Firefox Press Ctrl+Shift+C  or right click on window and go to inspect element and click on console.
  • After open console box Copy below java script and Paste into console box and press Enter.
javascript: var field = document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]");for (i = 0; i < field.length; i++)field[i].click() ;
  • It will take a few moments to confirm all friend requests.

Final Words: I tried my best to explain that How to Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once, but still if you have any question feel free to comment below. This is 100% working script. Happy Blogging and Peace!
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9 October 2014 at 23:17 delete

Dear it works for me but I don't know why its not working with you!

rut tr
2 December 2015 at 22:30 delete

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);


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